5 Rapala Normark Shad Rap fishing lures, SD SB CW FT P, part of 1600 collection


We have just bought a collection of 1600, you read it right, sixteen hundred new old shop stock Rapala lures, so check our other listings for these,

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5 Rapala Normark Shad Rap fishing lures, made in Ireland, SSR-8 P- shallow runner, 8cm 9g Perch. SR-8 FT- deep runner, 8cm 11g, Fire Tiger. SSR-8 SD- shallow runner, 8cm 9g, Shad/Alose. SR-8 SB- deep runner, 8cm 11g, Silver Blue. SSr-8 CW- shallow runner, 8cm 9g, Crawdad. all boxes are in good clean condition, ideal to use or collect