Risqué humour in angling advertising, the lighter side

RMany of us will have referred to vintage angling catalogues for reference or research.

I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the Cummins of Bishop Auckland (established 1857) catalogues, stalwarts of all things good and proper. The catalogue shown here is one of a few I have, normally just flitting through for reel and accessory information.

However, take a closer look, interesting content!

This is a late 1950’s catalogue and they’re at it already, post-war.

There are about 20 cartoons relating to fishing catastrophes and a couple of very risqué ones, including some comic nudity.

It certainly had me checking through the other catalogues and I found more, errr tackle references!

I should rename my collection “soft porn” and they suddenly have become way more interesting, only for research of course you understand.