Foster of Asbourne The Rational reel 

Every once in a while a reel lands on the desk I’ve never had the privilege of collecting.

This Fosters Rational reel dates from c 1910 and is unnamed so unless you have done your homework & research it may slip through your fingers.

Manufactured with an alloy drum and cast brass backplate, it’s an attractive reel. The outstanding feature is the sprung leather wrapped brake pad hinged under the foot blade.

No other cogs or gears are involved it’s just simple finger pressure on the pad which brakes the drum.

Once again, the feel of the brake is what counts in preference to a mechanical pre-set system.

The backplate is factory fitted with brass Bickerdyke line guide and a pillar drum core. The reel bears certain similarities to the Fosters Chatsworth reel (the twin line guide model) but this is more rare and interesting, plus I’ve only seen a few in many years.

As the time of writing, this one is in stock.