Constable Kingfisher rod reunited with owner

When Robin sold his Constable Kingfisher split cane rod about 10 years ago in a moment of haste he thought it was lost forever.

However browsing through the Thomas Turner website today he spotted an identical rod, even down to the tube, the label, the hand writing….hang on!! That’s my old rod!

After sending him a few images of the handwriting on the tube label, it’s his old rod alright.

What a result, after approx. 10 years, deal done and the rod is heading back to its original owner, still in mint condition with the metal tube as well.

Robin sent these images of a 9lb 4 oz Avon trout taken on the 8’3” staggered ferrule rod with a line rating #5/6.

You can imagine the power of the fish in the shallow Avon and upon landing the fish he broke the landing net handle.

All ends well with some stunning pictures and the rod goes back so he can try again to catch its dad!