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Our blog posts about interesting vintage fishing rods.

Warner of Redditch Patent 1887 reel fitting

This is a rare early named J E Warner of Redditch rod along with their Patent reel fitting.  This 15’- 3 piece greenheart salmon fly rod has spliced joints complete with spare tip. It became evident in the 1880s that reel foot blade fittings were changing. Early wood and brass reels tended to have long […]

Hardy Fibatube self-assembly rods 1970-80

Like a Tudor watch, would you always be explaining it’s made in the same factory as Rolex? Well, not really because in the 70s Hardy recognised the demand for self-build rods. I know this coz I built one, badly! Jim (James Leighton Hardy) was instrumental in setting up the Fibatube factory in Willoburn, Alnwick. This move […]