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The Spitfire reel finally traced back to the source

One of the most intriguing of all the Hardy reels for the collector is the one with the “Spitfire finish”. Many collectors attribute the use of Spitfire to Jamie Maxtone-Graham, who invented the term some 40 years ago to help describe the bright finish. I knew Jamie well and was happy to do some of […]


Following the successful purchase of a 150 reel collection last week, this week we have secured a 300 reel collection. Spanning over 100 years of reel making from 1840 to the 1960’s, it’s a fabulous varied selection. Ranging from the smallest named true antique brass collar winch I’ve ever seen to a tiny spike winch. […]

Unusual fishing scene reel, is it Heaton’s of Birmingham?

An interesting little brass reel came to our attention today by way of a request.  It’s from the collection of Jarmo of Finland and he’s keen to find the makers of this little beauty. We all know Heaton’s were famous for producing the fishing scene reels which turn up occasionally. This reel is smaller and has […]