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Passion For… Clean Rivers (Part 2)

The Wye looks so serene and pure… from a distance In the few days since TT first talked about the Passion For Clean Rivers, things have moved on, especially down on the Wye. The weekend just gone (24/25th July) saw large numbers of salmon dying in the middle reaches of this river, and barbel dead […]

Passion For… Clean Rivers

Here at Thomas Turner we specialise in vintage and retro tackle, and pride ourselves on our knowledge of the subject. You could rightly say that tackle is our Passion, and we are always here to buy, to sell, and above all, offer advice on the gear you might just have found in your garage. All […]

More Thoughts From A Devon Heatwave

In response to R’s comments on salmonids in the heat, I find the subject critically interesting. In the event, we fished languidly, simply for visual images without any hope of hooking anything, and in that we were barely disappointed. The important consideration here is for the fish, and in that we must all be in […]

Thoughts From A Heatwave…

Mid-July, down here in Devon, on the Exe where temperatures hit 30 degrees plus most of yesterday afternoon.  The whole country, we know, is wilting under a cloudless sky, and though it might have been so-called ‘freedom day’, there was no respite from the sun. Of course, there was barely any water, James in Dulverton’s […]

Fish&Fly Profile: Marina Gibson

We all think we know Marina Gibson from her TV appearances, her social media presence and her written words, but here we try to get to the real person, the true fly fisher who has burst on the scene so dramatically these past three years. We increasingly lose our knowledge of history, so it’s worth […]

My Dragon/Bream Fly Follow-up

PW knows how to cheer me up!!! Just the other day I talked about fishing for asp around Europe and the fringes of Asia even, and then as ever moved the conversation on to more weighty conservation issues. Perhaps you can be just too bloody serious. Great mate Paul Whitehouse tuned into the conversation, and […]

The River Exe and Tributaries Association

Since my recent piece on the Exe I’ve been made aware of RETA, and many thanks for that Godfrey! The fact that seventeen major barriers exist on the Exe seems to be one of the major reasons that 70% of returning salmon are not making it back to their spawning sites. RETA is raising money […]

Off To The Exe

A few days ago I returned from a recce down the M5 to Exmoor, and I’m off to the Exe in earnest in a week or so. It’s great to be back. There was a time when the Tarr Steps hotel on the Barle was my halcyon river, deep in that wonderful ‘Dingley Dell of […]

The Dragon/Bream Fly & the Honeylake Brook Horrors

I don’t know if you have fished for asp, but if the chance arises, take it for sure. You ‘Aspers’ look away while I try to describe the species to those not in the know… asp are rather like very large, very predatorial chub that hammer shoals of small fish, and can be caught on […]

Mixed collections are good news for everyone

It’s always good fun when we buy in a mixed collection of new, old and antique tackle. This week brought a really interesting cache of items from an unused Hardy salmon Bougle reel to a wacky English vintage Bowell Patent auto reel. This has the most ingenious bait arm, keeping your fingers on the handle […]

New Hardy collection just in from Canada

Another fabulous Hardy collection of reels and rods just in, this time from Canada. Buying and selling worldwide has never been easier with Thomas Turner. It’s all starts with an email and a few images and ends with a bank transfer payment to your account, simple! This collection of high-quality Hardy reels includes a Zane […]

A swift response bags yet another fine collection

A phone call to Thomas Turner at 11 am, a quick coffee, in the car and at the client’s house at 4 pm, deal done by 5pm. Money in the bank instantly and off back to base. This collection is a cracker. A good spread of everything antique and collectable as well as decorative and […]

Sage, Orvis, Hardy, Loomis, Abel, Pate, and Lamson fishing tackle for sale

A call from the Lincolnshire coast had Thomas Turner excited about this collection. Cast your eye over this fabulous selection of travel rods by high-end makers, all mint or unused. Models include Sage, Orvis, Hardy, Loomis, and Thomas & Thomas, with correct tubes and covers. Matching reels by Abel, Tibor, Hardy, Lamson, and others, most […]

Birds, Bullets blanks and a Patent Kitchen

Once again we have been buying heavily this week but just take a look at this unusual lot. Firstly, a collection of Hardy Palakona Big game cane blanks with reams of Hardy paperwork supporting the purchase. A fascinating read detailing requests for guides and ferrules or fittings. The previous owner enjoyed building his own rods […]

Another superb classic Centrepin collection bought by TT

As lockdown continues it’s an ideal opportunity to sell, swap and buy vintage tackle to bring back the happy days feeling.  Our latest Centrepin collection contains a good range of “pins” by The Mill Tackle Company, with a spread of models from Perfection Angling. These include the Royalty Perfection, Specialist Roach, Itchen Perfection, Chalkstream, and […]