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Our blog posts all about the smaller and more miscellaneous items of vintage fishing tackle

Watermelon wicker creels are rare and collectable

We see quite a few wicker and willow reed creels coming to Thomas Turner on a regular basis and we were pleasantly surprised to find this one in Holland. I normally associate these creels with the USA, but clearly, they travelled into Europe and were made by the Europeans too. The interesting feature of this […]

Milbro Lesney Bait press 1954/57

A useful and collectable little gadget came in this week. The Milbro Lesney Bread Bait press was in production from 1954 to 1957. It is manufactured by the Matchbox Company from die-cast alloy. Standing a mere 5cm to the top of a winged screw, originally coloured red and green, later appearing in red and silver. […]

Rapala Lures, collect or use?

Finnish born Lauri Rapala watched large fish chasing smaller fish and decided to carve a lure that replicated a wounded fish. In 1936 he carved his first lure from cork, using chocolate bar tin foil wrapper as the outer reflective surface, and it worked. He would have no idea where this single event would take him. […]

1600 Rapala Lures, not even I could lose this lot!

The Thomas Turner European advertising campaign is clearly working. We were contacted by a tackle shop in the northern French/Spanish region. They were changing their business retail plan. They’d been Hardy and Rapala agents for many years so we were delighted to be able to buy the entire fishing stock. They specialised in fly fishing, […]

Hardy Joint Lubricator or “Lipstick”

Always popular, this Hardy little gadget is easily missed at the bottom of a tackle box or bag. The Joint Lubricator and Container was an entirely new idea in the 1930’s. Measuring 1-3/4” tall the outer casing is stamped”Hardy Bros. Makers Alnwick”. It was produced in both brass and nickel materials. Pull off the top […]