Allcock’s The Brigald Patent reel

This is a rarity; most collectors will never see one even if they knew of its existence.

The reel has the characteristics of a number of other Allcock’s reels. Any one of a number of manufacturers could have actually made this for Allcock’s including Smith & Wall or Heaton’s. The front is similar to many Schooling reels, the frame of the Arun, the overall character is somewhere between a Zephyr and a Facile.

I cannot find any printed reference and collector Owen Hughes volunteered to go through his catalogue collection for us, to no avail. The Patent 187488 doesn’t appear in the JMG list, so that needs more investigation.

This example here is from the late Terry Neil’s collection.

It is a 4” diameter model, the unusual feature being the brake nut to the front spindle making me assume that is what the Patent relates to?

Help, any catalogue references or adverts much needed.